I’m Back

After a long hiatus, I am back at a point where I can resume producing new content. I took a break for a number of reasons, including an increase demand on my personal and professional responsibilities and time, and since then it’s just been difficult to restart it again. However, a new political cycle and a newer, even more motley array of candidates than the past two presidential cycles make it irresistible to avoid. Expect to see new content on a regular basis, starting within the next couple of days.

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A tragedy amidst a triumph

As a runner–or at least, as a person who runs, who socializes with runners–The Boston Marathon is a legendary event; for many, it represents a lifetime achievement. Merely qualifying requires an extraordinary level of physical stamina. The qualifying times for … Continue reading

The Elephant in the Police Cruiser.

“Why is everybody supporting Chris Dorner?” is becoming a popular question, and almost nobody is answering it correctly. Karen North, a professor at USC, suggested in a CNN interview that “people have a history of rooting for antiheroes, Butch Cassidy, … Continue reading

Fearless prediction before the first presidential debate: Obama for the win

It’s probably not particularly controversial to expect Obama to win the debates, particularly the first one.  Despite all of the White House claims downplaying the president’s lack of preparation and conservative claims that Obama can’t speak without a teleprompter, Obama … Continue reading

Romney’s “Foreign Policy” tour report card: Fail

One of Mitt Romney’s weaknesses in his bid for the U.S. Presidency has been his lack of foreign policy credentials.  To this end, he embarked on a tour last week of three U.S. allies, with stops in England, Israel and … Continue reading