Introducing the Cat Copter.

If I were his wife, I’d do whatever it takes to ensure he died before I did.

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Favorite The myth of the “Muslim Terror threat”

Fox News co-host Eric Bolling recently defended the NYPD’s spying program by claiming that “every terrorist on American soil has been a Muslim” a preposterous claim that needs to be forcefully addressed, since it is so patently false as to … Continue reading

In defense of reasonable partitions.

An Oklahoma woman was recently denied medical treatment after suffering a rape, because the attending physician had religious beliefs that apparently precluded her from doing her job properly.  Specifically, the doctor refused to provide emergency contraception because her imaginary friend … Continue reading

Ignorance is curable, but stupid is forever

Mitt Romney took the pathetic and embarrassing step of releasing his birth certificate Tuesday, right before appearing at a fund raiser hosted by Donald Trump, who recently doubled down on his membership into that special class of American idiot, the … Continue reading

Mitt Romney will not win in November — Reason Two: He’s a lousy candidate.

My original reason why Romney wouldn’t win in November was low hanging fruit, so I thought I’d go a little bolder with this one.  Mitt Romney won’t win because he is a terrible candidate, and while that may seem to … Continue reading

Apologies, and dammit.

I apologize for not posting in the past few days; I have suffered a hard drive crash, and have been rebuilding.  I lost a lot of links and have been busy re-installing software.  Fortunately, it was my boot drive and not my data drive.  Unfortunately, I was overdue for a backup refresh so did lose some program data.

Many curse words were uttered.  More will come.

I should be up and posting again in the next day or so.  And probably a bit grouchy.

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Favorite The moral decay of remote controlled war

In the iconic 1960’s television show Star Trek, there was an episode called A Taste of Armageddon.  It depicted a planet on which two countries had been at war for hundreds of years, despite the lack of any evidence of … Continue reading


Recommended reading Monday, May 21st:

Some of what I’ve been reading recently;  these links I found most worthy of sharing:

  • The inimitable and always profound Chris Hedges takes on the destructive spiral of capitalism run amok yet again in Welcome To The Asylum.
  • Oddly enough, for a hard-nosed, critical opposition to an Israeli attack on Iran, you have to go to Israel and listen to former members of their armed services and intelligence communities. Peace activist Uri Avnery tells of The Man With Messianic Tendencies.
  • Alternet tells of a Wells Fargo mortgage holder driven to suicide by their petty, malicious harassment.  Stories like this will be good to remember when we’re torching their estates and putting them on spikes on the grounds, if we start to forget they aren’t human.
  • Robert Reich to the class of ’12:  You’re fucked.  I couldn’t stand this guy as Labor Secretary, but have been pleasantly surprised to find his post-administration columns much more sincere and grounded than I ever found him to be during his time in office.
  • Former FDIC chairperson Sheila Bair sardonically points out that if the US Government bailed out the public by applying the same policies it has employed bailing out the degenerate gamblers of Wall Street, it could cost less and have a more beneficial impact on the economy.  It’s an older piece, but didn’t generate nearly as much attention as it should have.

And finally,

  • if DCMartin had a gay son, he’d have a great home.  Save this for last; it will make you feel better than the rest of them.

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